Reasons To Always Have A Second Key

We here at Mr. B’s Locks & Keys always stress to our customers the importance of having a second or even third key.  For any lock that you have it is always a good idea to have a duplicate key made.  If you lose your only key, the cost is away much more to have a new key originated. You must factor in the service call and labor to make a new key for anything.  If your vehicle has a transponder and you lose the only key, your cost is going to be more than having an additional key made. If you can’t afford a new key always consider getting a “Dummy” key made.  This won’t start your vehicle, but at least you will have the cuts of your key. Plus if you ever lock yourself out you can open the doors with that key.

When you are ready to have a key made come see us at 4539 W. 8th Street Cincinnati, OH 45238 or give us a call at 513-251-KEYS(5397)

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