Easy Ways to Prevent Home Theft

  1. Locks: Most people don’t realize that their locks are installed wrong. It is a great idea to have professional locksmith come and inspect all of your locks and windows. If a lock is installed incorrectly a burglar can use a simple credit card to enter your home. For every door going into your home you should also have a deadbolt installed. Having a heavy duty deadbolt on your door will greatly lower the risk of having your door kicked in. Most theft is committed by someone you know. If you suspect someone is getting in without forced entry, it is time to have your locks changed to a new key.  Keys are also available with Do Not Duplicate stamped on the head of the key.  It is unlawful for any locksmith to copy that key without proper identification.
  2. Beware of the garage: Garages are a common entry point for burglars. Open garage doors serve to advertise your belongings to passersby, which increases the likelihood of theft. So, homeowners should make sure their garage door remains closed anytime they aren’t present. Try to take valuables out of view of your garage door windows as well.
  3. Be a neighbor: Neighbors can play a key role in preventing home thefts. Homeowners on friendly terms with their neighbors are less likely to be victimized by other members of their community. At the same time, closely knit neighbors are more likely to call the police if they see someone suspicious poking around your property.
  4. Keep valuables outside the bedroom: A burglar on the hunt for valuables in a home will make the master bedroom their first stop—since that’s where the cash and jewelry are most commonly stored. So if you do keep such valuables on your property, find another room to store them. There are also many variations of safes if you do decide to key valuables in your home. Speak with a locksmith on which safe suites your personal need and budget.
  5. No land escaping: Burglars prefer to target homes that have hiding spots and escape routes in the yards, and abundant bushes and trees make for great cover. Yards with less shrubbery and more open spaces aren’t particularly appealing targets. If the home is open and relatively exposed, it will deter the burglar from entering, due to lack of hiding spots if things go wrong.
  6. Install motion sensors: Light is a great deterrent for nighttime break-ins. We recommend homeowners install motion sensors on outdoor lights that turn on automatically if someone triggers them. This simple and cheap step could save your home from being burglarized.
  7. Radio or TV running: Noise helps prevent burglaries as well. Your home is more likely to be burglarized during the day. Have a radio or T.V. playing when you are away from your home.

    Be Safe Call Mr. B's Locks & Keys 513-251-KEYS (5397)
    Be Safe Call Mr. B’s Locks & Keys 513-251-KEYS (5397)

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